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The STEM Hub provides a wide range of fun educational programs where students can explore the exciting world of STEM. At the STEM Hub, you’ll never just sit and listen. We want our students to get involved, whether they’re crafting recycled paper, designing their own avatar, or building a robot. On their journey, students also develop essential soft skills for the 21st century knowledge-based economy, such as problem solving, critical thinking, and working in a team. With a commitment to inclusive and accessible education, the Hub believes that every student is capable of succeeding in STEM; our goal is simply to help them develop their STEM knowledge and skills on their path to creating a better future for Egypt.

Programs for students aren’t all we offer. The Hub provides access to the machines in our Fab Lab for a small fee for visitors who want to further explore the skills they learn in our courses. We also want to spread our participatory, evidence-based instructional practices to other schools! That’s why the STEM Hub offers training programs to equip teachers with improved pedagogy. Whether you are a student, teacher, or community member with an interest in STEM, we are here for you.

Registration for in-person content is currently disabled during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please consider our virtual learning opportunities.

STEM for Students

Let us introduce you to 21st century energy trends, the science of energy, and energy’s many engineering applications. Go on a journey to learn new and upcoming energy approaches, including how to reduce and reuse energy.

Join us for a glimpse beneath the screen into the science of how a computer works! You will also learn about effective methods of problem-solving and critical thinking. Welcome to the world of programming!

Through a series of activities, you will acquire skills to analyze graphic designs and understand the message behind each. You will also have the opportunity to create your own designs.

Gain insight into the various scientific and engineering applications that take place in our homes on a daily basis, from the chemistry of hygiene products to the physics of radio and TV.

This program guides advanced robotics students through the process of building a flying robot from scratch.  Students will be introduced to the concepts of aerodynamics, electronics, and control systems. Prepare for takeoff!

This program will help bring your dreams of flying like a bird or saving people like Superman to life by learning new scientific concepts and applying cool engineering tricks. Create your very own avatar while also improving your creative thinking, analytical ability, and problem-solving skills. In this program, you’re the real superhero!

Preserving the environment for future generations is one of the most important jobs facing the world today. This program helps students discover the biology, chemistry,and physics behind our planet’s ecosystems. We also aim to improve our students understanding of recycling and environmental sustainability and give them the opportunity to make useful products through recycling.

Do you want to know how your electronics really work? Better yet, do you want to build your own? Join us to learn about electricity, electronic devices, and controlled systems through hands-on applications!

Water sustains our planet, but how much do you really know about it? This program will teach you how to solve water problems, including reducing consumption, enhancing quality, and improving management. Get ready to dive in and explore!

Understanding how businesses work can help you succeed in any career. Our Business and Entrepreneurship course will help students gain essential skills like business modeling, financial planning, feasibility studies, and market analysis. Learnhow to transform your idea into a profitable business!

Have you ever wondered what that green board with the strange components in your electronics actually is? This course will teach you that and more, including the basics of circuits, components, and controls. It’s perfect for any student who has ever wanted to open up their phone or computer and learn what makes it work!

Are you fascinated by robots? Discover how a robot “thinks” in this interactive workshop! This program is intended to introduce novice students to the basics of robotic engineering and programming, giving students the opportunity to build and program their own robot using simple design blocks.

Our good health is the most important thing we have. This program helps Egypt’s future nurses and physicians understand the human body, including how to diagnose, prevent, and treat disease. Grab your lab coat and get ready to research!

STEM for Family

Here at the STEM Hub, we know that STEM is for everyone. That’s why we offer special activities and friendly competitions where family members can join their students for an exciting and informative experience.

STEM for Kids

Because we believe that innovation has no age limits, we offer you special programs for 5 to 9-year-old kids where they will gain new knowledge, innovate and have lots of fun!

STEM Camps

What could be better than visiting the STEM Hub after school? Staying for a week! Our STEM Hub camps provide half, full, and multi-day STEM educational experiencesduring school breaks for students who want to spend their time off productively and enjoyably.

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