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Yasmine El Bendary | STEM Hub Director

Yasmine El Bendary has over 20 years of experience managing education, scholarship, youth development, and corporate training programs in the MENA region and is an expert in project management, marketing, government relations, and business development. She has worked on multiple USAID-funded projects throughout her career, including serving as the Communication Manager for the Strengthening Egypt’s Family Planning Program and as the Project Director for the World Learning-implemented Linking Education and Employment Program. The latter project successfully resulted in the establishment of two sustainable Career Development Centers in Egyptian universities. Prior to directing the STEM Hub, Yasmine managed regional scholarship and training programs as well as outreach for the Iraq Scholar Rescue Project with the Institute of International Education. Yasmine holds an MBA degree from J. Mack Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University, USA and a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the American University in Cairo.

Ahmad Towfeq | Programs & Training Manager

Ahmad Towfeq is a professional electronics and communication engineer with a wide range of experience in STEM. Starting in 2005, he led a team at PC-Lab Media to produce the first K-12 E-Learning Solutions in Egypt. Since then, he has led many more E-learning projects in education and business development, including supervising the development of Nahdet Misr Publishing Group’s first E-Learning platform and Notatee’s digital content E-Learning solutions. Most recently, he served as the learning and development director at Zedny Educational Services. In 2018, Ahmad and other STEM experts founded STEM Eduneers to provide their experience to education organizations interested in STEM development.

Abdelrahman Mortada  | Marketing & Outreach Specialist

Abdelrahman Mortada is a STEM school graduate and a senior at the University of Science and Technology at Zewail City, where he studies Environmental Engineering. Mortada has also studied marketing and has a variety of experience in the field. Mortada has Joined more than 10 student activities, had 2 paid full-time and 5 work-from-home jobs in different digital marketing positions (Social Media Specialist, Marketing Team Leader, Digital Marketing Manager, etc). He funded and was responsible for marketing “Mortrait”, which is an online store for portraits drawing (fb.com/mortrait). Recently he founded his own digital marketing agency (Manara). In addition to his role as a facilitator at the STEM Hub, he also serves as the Marketing and Outreatch Specialist.

Omar El Daly | Programs Developer & Training Facilitator

Omar Eldaly is an undergraduate at The American University in Cairo studying mechanical engineering. He co-developed an algorithm that can predict cloud cover on a minute-by-minute time scale. Additionally, he worked on the development of super capacitors to store energy for electrical vehicles. In 2019, he founded a startup, Larus, which recycles post-consumer plastic bottles into partially- and fully-oriented polyester yarns through advanced mechanical and plastic processing techniques. At present, he is focusing on the integration of mechanical engineering, business, project-based learning, and “power skills.”

Mohamed Abdelwahab  | Graphic Designer

Mohamed Abdelwahab received his bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime in 2019 as the first among his class of 392. Currently, he is working as a graduate teaching assistant at the Arab Academy. His experiences as an undergraduate and at the STEM school enabled him to explore many fields and identify graphic design as his area of strength, which he has studied and practiced since 2012. In addition to his role as a facilitator, Mohamed will also serve as the STEM Hub’s graphic designer.

Bassam Fotouh | Programs Developer & Training Facilitator

Bassam Fotouh is an undergraduate researcher, content developer, and science communicator. He is pursuing a B.Sc. degree in Nanomedicine and Machine Learning from the University of Science and Technology at Zewail City. Bassam works as an undergraduate research assistant at the Center for Materials Science, NBE Institute for Nanoscience and Informatics.  In 2017, he was chosen as Ain Shams University’s representative at the Science Operation Leaders in Egypt (SOLE) Conference & Competition. This year, he developed his own play in the field of medicine, called King Tutankhamun’s Burial Chamber, which was presented at the Zewail City Science Festival.

Mohamed Tonsy  | Programs Developer & Training Facilitator

Mohamed Tonsy is a STEM school graduate and is currently working towards his undergraduate degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering at the American University in Cairo. He is passionate about robotics and electronics. Mohamed is the vice president of the AUC robotics team and has participated in many robotics competitions. With his team, Mohamed won first place in the NASA Space Apps Hackathon and was awarded a trip to visit the Space Camp at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Alabama. Additionally, he and his team took fourth place in the Minesweepers 2019.

Abd El Hakeem Badawy  | Programs Developer & Training Facilitator

Abdelhakim Badawy is a senior computer engineering student, minoring in Mathematics, at The American University in Cairo. He also worked as an undergraduate teaching assistant in the department of Computer science and engineering at the same university. Moreover, Badawy worked as a CAD software instructor and as a capstone projects facilitator. During his high school and university studies, Abdelhakim took part in many projects in the fields of water treatment, energy conservative systems, plastic recycling, urban development, object-oriented programming, analysis and design of algorithms, digital design, microelectronics, assembly language programming and operating systems. 

Ahmed Mohsen | Programs Developer & Training Facilitator

Ahmed Mohsen is an undergraduate student at The Cairo University studying pharmaceuticals. He has a variety of experience in STEM, including competing in STEM competitions, researching agronomical and waste water treatments, and developing an app to diagnose illness through scanning a person’s eyes. In the realm of education, Ahmed worked as an organizer for the Goethe Institute’s Deutshlerhrertag in STEM Schools and as an English instructor both privately and at Gyzera Youth Center.

Hossam El-din Hassan Ewies Ahmed | Programs Developer & Training Facilitator

Hossam Hassan is a student and researcher in the nanoscience program at the University of Science and technology at Zewail City. Hossam has worked in science communication and STEM education since 2017 with several organizations. He’s also founded several small businesses, including Animation in Education, which aims to help students enhance their performance as learners.

Karima Waly | Programs Developer & Training Facilitator

Karima Waly is a junior environmental engineering student at the University of Science and Technology at Zewail City. An avid researcher, Waly has actively participated in capstone projects since she was enrolled in a STEM high school in Egypt, including numerous environmental initiatives addressing water desalination, clean energy production, organic fertilizers, biodegradable packaging, and recycling. She was also a Change Leader in various student activities, such as ‘Juniors-IEEE’, where she managed 6 STEM camps that delivered engineering and problem-solving skills training to over 500 students. Waly has received multiple scientific awards and recognitions at the local and international levels. Additionally, one of her projects is currently being incubated by the United Nations after it was showcased in the Youth Climate Action Summit in 2019. Moreover, she adds her talent art to her passion for environmental awareness, and was invited last year to turn the construction waste of Sahl Hasheesh City into an attractive sculpture.

Rana Elsemary | Programs Developer & Training Facilitator

Rana Elsemary is an undergraduate Aerospace Engineering student at the University of Science and Technology at Zewail City. Rana works as a coach and facilitator at Wiro Kids, is a writer at Arageek, and is the assistant to the dean of students in Zewail City. Rana was an IT Engineer in the Egyptian Psychotherapist Association and an Electronic Instructor at Bedo Planet Academy. Beyond the academic and career level, Rana was an Erasmus+ member and the Egyptian Representative for an an international project held in Georgia in 2019. Rana also actively participated in many volunteer positions, including the head of quality control at the Zewail City Annual Science Festival, vice president of the ZC admission team, project manager in Enacts ZC, lab junior engineer, INTEL ISEF researcher, and the representative of the Aerospace Engineering patch for Fall 2019.

Abd-Elrhman Elsadany | Programs Developer & Training Facilitator

Abd-Elrhman Elsadany is a senior mechanical engineering student at The American University in Cairo. Abd-Elrhman is experienced in mechanical systems, robotics, and multimedia. He was the head of AUC’s mechanics team for the Minesweepers competition. He also worked as a branding specialist for AUC’s School of Business. Moreover, Abd-Elrhman worked as an art director for mega events, including concerts, conferences, and marketing campaigns.

Mohamed Osama | Programs Developer & Training Facilitator

Mohamed Osama is a STEM school graduate who is now pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering with a minor in business at the American University in Cairo. Mohamed is very passionate about coding, electronics, and robotics. His accomplishments include creating a mine-detection UGV, an infrared gas leaks detection UAV, and an underwater ROV. Osama also served as director of AUC’s School Program in 2019 and President of AUC Robotics in 2019 and 2020.

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